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Jo at the piano

Piano Pupils

Having moved to Norwich (Thorpe St Andrew), I am now available for piano lessons, children and adults, at my home in Thorpe St Andrew NR7. Contact me on 01603 960171.


My main aim is that young pupils should still be playing when they have children of their own. I motivate and inspire pupils to do regular practice and achieve the best results they can, but also to have a lot of fun along the way! I use my abundant imagination to get the best from each pupil. Children need to be fairly keen – this is quite a challenging instrument! I take beginners from as young as 7 (younger if they are keen), older more advanced children and adults, whether beginners or returning to the piano.

  • Healthy mixture of classical and jazz pieces to provide variety
  • Theory and basic harmony taught using the pieces being learnt, and separately for those taking theory exams.
  • Associated Board exams can be taken but are optional.
  • Improvisation a speciality (composing also offered)
  • All pupils have access to my teaching compositions written for previous pupils.
  • I was last DRB checked in November 2019 by my church.

Parents need to be supportive, to encourage regular practice, and to give feedback from time to time, so that any small issues can be addressed.

Fees Sept 2019 – Aug 2020

Free trial lesson offered

Lesson rate : £16 per half hour, £24 per 45 minutes, £32 per hour

Adult pupils very welcome, with teaching geared around their needs, and busy lives. I have had some adults who just play from sheet music, others who just want to work on their improvisation, and some who enjoy doing both!


Peter was with me from a very young age: “Thank you for the great years of lessons, they have helped me find a new dimension in my life, through the piano, so I thank you for helping me achieve this. Peter” (You can hear Peter playing more recently here, but I can’t take the credit for his playing now. Lovely that the piano is still a big part of his life!)

Matthew had piano lessons and also belonged to my church choir. “What a journey its been! A decade of my life… Without you I would not have discovered this passion for music which I know will last all my life. You’ve set me up to do whatever I so wish, I can’t say thank you enough. Matt” (Matthew later graduated from University with a First Class Degree in Music, and has since established himself as a singer of oratorio and opera.)

Ariana had lessons from 8-18. ” From never even touching a piano to Grade 8 you have taught me, an achievement I am very proud of, and want to thank you for! I have had so much fun with you over the years and you were well worth getting up for on a Saturday morning. You are the most talented person I have ever met, and the love and passion for piano I see in you, I hope to take with me also. You’re a fantabulous teacher and have been so patient with me – especially considering I can’t sight read to save my life! I hope to be playing the piano for the rest of my days! Ariana



  • Ideally a piano or at least a clavinova type instrument with full-size weighted keys. (A keyboard with flimsy light-weight keys is OK for the first few months only.)
  • Time to practice without distraction
  • Motivation and enthusiasm
  • A love of music is helpful, but will soon develop anyway!

NB. Please note that I only teach from home, and have three cats. 

Contact me by filling in the form below…… Please also read my home page so you know a bit more about me. Arrange a free trial lesson – you never know where it might lead you…..

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