St. Andrew’s History 1930-1963

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St. Paul’s Rockhampton

County Jottings
The Rev. S. W. G. Frost, Vicar of St. Andrew’s, Coulsdon, has been appointed Rector of the Cathedral Parish of St. Paul, Rockhampton, Queensland.
Friday 12 September 1930 – Surrey Mirror

Two new-comers to the Reigate and Caterham Deaneries are respectively the Rev. W. Alexander Dunn, Vicar-designate of St. Andrew, Kingswood, and the Rev. W. C. Campling, who was instituted to the living of St. Andrew’s, Coulsdon, last week. Both have worked in the Southwark Diocese and, in each case, are personal acquaintances of the retiring Vicars. Mr Campling and the Rev. S. W. G Frost, whom he succeeeds, were ordained deacons the same year and worked in neighbouring parishes at Wimbledon. He was formerly Scholar and Theological Exhibitioner of Trinity College, Cambridge, where he took first-class honours in natural science and second-class honours in theology. After leaving Wimbledon he was Chaplain to the Forces, and when the Ordination Test School in Knutsford was started immediately after the war he was appointed lecturer and tutor and for seven years was principal of the Theological College, Brisbane, and Residentiary Canon of Brisbane Cathedral. Mr Campling is probably the tallest cleric in the Diocese. He stands well over six feet and is proportionately well built. He has many problems to face in his new parish, as the Bishop, at his induction pointed out, but if he tackles these as he looks as though he might have tackled his opponents on the football field, his parishioners will sure “fall for him.”
Friday 14 November 1930 – Surrey Mirror

Rev Campling 1936 (2)1930-1940 – Vicar: Rev. W. C. Campling


The Rev. Cyril P. Wix offered to St. Francis an antique Benedictine silver Chalice and Paten (tulip pattern) dated circa 1640 on the proviso that they were never sold. His uncle had rescued them from an antique shop. The offer was accepted. On the closure of St. Francis in 1987, the Chalice and Paten were lodged with the Victoria & Albert Museum for safe keeping.


CHURCH’S FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. – “When I came to St. Andrew’s the Bishop told me there were heavy financial problems and my heart sank when I realised what they were,” said the Rev. W. C. Campling, the Vicar, at the annual parochial meetings of St. Andrew’s and St. Francis’ Churches at St. Andrew’s Hall. The Vicar referred to the fact that two years ago there were liabilities of £3,030, and the income was not meeting the bills. The position improved at the end of the first year and again during last year; a deficit of £590 on the parochial accounts had been reduced to £106, te loan amount of St. Francis Hall from £1,640 to £1,129, and the mortgage on St. Francis House by such an amount that the total reduction on the accounts was £1,145. The Vicar added that in the future they had to go forward in just the same spirit. Mr. W. E. Maidment was re-nominated by the Vicar as his Warden, and Mr. Maurice W. Tuke was elected People’s
Warden in succession to Mr. R. H. Watkins who resigned for business reasons after four years service. The Vicar submitted the electoral roll which contained 512 names, and Mr F. A. Hughes, the Secretary of the Parochial Church Council, in his report on the activities of the Council, said parochial finance had again been a problem, but there were all-round signs of steady and progressive work. The financial report showed that as a result of a donation of £500 from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners the loan on St. Francis Church Hall was reduced to £1,129 5s., and the building account adverse balance of £296 16s. 6d. Was reduced to £179 18s. 4d., principally as the result of parishioners’ offerings on St. Francis’ Day, and had since been further reduced by £80 transferred from St. Andrew’s account. The current accounts taken together showed a deficit of £106 0s, 5d. Miss C. Prentice, Messrs. Hughes, Maidment, Tuke, Watkins and King were appointed delegates to the Ruri-Decanal Conference and those elected by ballot to fill vacancies on the Parochial Church Council were Messrs. E. H. Porter, King and E. F. Earl for St. Andrew’s, and Miss Prectice, Messrs. E. Cook, J. B. Roberts, and P. Short for St. Francis. Mr. E. E. Dowling and Mr. H. Woodman continue to serve as Wardens for St. Francis.
Friday 24 February 1933 – Surrey Mirror


Church Hall Foundation Stone

Church Hall Foundation Stone

11 July 1936 – Mrs Louis Campbell-Johnston laid the Foundation Stone for the new Hall at St. Andrew’s It was due to her generous gifts to the Church that the Club Room was built and furnished.

Choir leading to Dedication of Church Hall 1936

Choir leading the procession out to the Laying of Church Hall Foundation Stone 1936

Clergy following (the originals of these are glass negatives kept at Woking History Centre)

Clergy following (the originals of these are glass negatives kept at Woking History Centre)

WP_20141018_15_10_26_Pro (4) Sharpen flip

Laying of hall foundation stone 1936

Laying of hall foundation stone 1936

Laying of hall foundation stone 1936

Rev C Fisher1940-1955 – Vicar: Rev. C. E. Fisher

Rev. Fisher was previously Vicar at St Mary’s Sanderstead.


CAROL EVENING. – The Under 30 Club held a carol evening in St. Andrew’s Church Hall, Coulsdon, last Thursday evening, at which there was a large gathering. The programme commenced with a community hymn “O little town of Bethlehem,” which was sung by the audience and choir. Members of the St. Andrew’s Choral Society ably accompanied by Mr. Hill, then sang “Ding dong, merrily on high” and “The holly and the ivy.” “Unto us is born a son” and “When the crimson sun is set,” were also rendered in excellent style by the Choral Society with admirable unison during the evening. Vocal solos were rendered by the Vicar (the Rev. C. E. Fisher) and Miss Catlin. Those sung by the Vicar included, “The Birds,” “In Mary Land” and “The Knight of Bethlehem.” Miss Catlin sang “Pastoral,” “Madonna and Child” and “If there were dreams to sell.” Miss Catlin was accompanied at the piano by Mrs. Bush, and the Vicar by Mrs. Fisher. Several excellent piano solos were given during the evening by Mr. Williams, and were much appreciated. He played three short Studies by the Hungarian composer, Stephen Heller, “Primrose Month” (George Dyson) and the Prelude in C sharp minor (Rachmaninov). Members of the Under 16 Club formed a choir and sang “Good Christian Men Rejoice,” “A Child this day is born” and “We three kings,” in a fine style, and their efforts were well applauded. A choir formed by six girls sang “From far away,” which was also well applauded. A most enjoyable evening was brought to a close by the singing of “Good King Wenceslas” and “Come all ye faithful.” A hearty vote of thanks, proposed by the Vicar, was accorded to all those who had taken part in the evening’s entertainment. A collection was held to defray the expenses incurred.
Friday 25 December 1942 – Surrey Mirror



St Francis Church with added hall behind

St. Francis Church
In 1943, the building debt having at last been cleared, consideration was given to the possibility of erecting a new purpose-built church on land available behind the hall. Advice was sought as to the choice of a suitable architect but there was of course no hope of real progress during the war years and the idea was abandoned. In the early 1960s a more modest scheme was realised with the construction of a new hall at the rear of the existing building, enabling the original structure to be used solely as a church. This arrangement survived until 12 December 1987.


Electric Light was installed in the Church, the installation being designed, installed and donated by a parishioner.

Rev P Robb1955-1963 – Vicar: Ven. Percy Douglas Robb (Archdeacon of Kingston)

St. Andrew's Choir Rev Robb

St. Andrew’s Choir
Rev Robb


059-FAn anonymous donor gave £200 for the window in the Lady Chapel.

main windowOn 7th September, the Vicar dedicated the new east Window, designed by Sir ??? ???.

The Lord Bishop of Southwark dedicated St. Francis Hall on 15th November.


Completion of West End of the Church


1962 Snow Scene

1 January 1962 Snow Scene Woodmansterne Road

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