St. Andrew’s Archives


1962 Snow Scene

I am accumulating interesting photos, postcards, pictures, press cuttings and documents, pertaining to St. Andrew’s Church, Coulsdon, where I have been involved for many years. If you would like to contribute or share items, please do so. If you don’t have my contact details, use the form below to make contact. You can then email me scanned items, or lend items for me to scan or transcribe. This is a work in progress, so do come back from time to time and see what else has been added.

Jo Richards – October 2016

Coulsdon from air postcard

Postcard from above


1925 aerial shot

St. Andrew’s History 1882-1905

St. Andrew’s History 1906-1913

St. Andrew’s History 1914-1929

St. Andrew’s History 1930-1963

St.Andrew’s History 1963-

St. Andrew’s Plans and Descriptions

St. Andrew’s Paintings

St. Andrew’s Photo Gallery

Main Church Website

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