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If you are featured in any of these photos, but don’t wish to have your picture on display then please let me know and I’ll black out your pretty face!. But if possible give me more info, and please contribute more photos, as there must be many more out there somewhere!

Choir in 1913

Choir and servers in 1913


Born: 4th April 1895 Smitham Bottom (now Coulsdon)
Baptism: 5th May 1895 at St Andrew’s Chapel, Coulsdon
Address: 6, Chipstead Villas, Beddington (now Coulsdon)
Occupation: Labourer  Marital status: Single
Parents: John Richard and Elizabeth (nee Winslow) Hill
Date enlisted: 1911 as a boy cadet aged 16
Physical features: Height 5’9½” – chest 35” – black hair – grey eyes –
fresh complexion – birth mark on left hip at age 18
Royal Navy Rank / Service No: Able Seaman J/10968 (Po.).
Date of death: 26th November 1914.
Burial place: Body not recovered.
Memorials: Portsmouth Navel Memorial – Panel 2.
St Andrew’s,Church, Coulsdon, Woodcote Village Green
Marlpit Lane, Coulsdon, Purley War Memorial Hospital
Medals: Victory Medal, British War Medal and 1914 Star

Frederick, a former choirboy, was the first St. Andrew’s parishioner to give his life during World War 1. His parents married in 1894 and in the 1901 census he was living with his parents and younger brother Hubert. His father was born in Wales and worked at Cane Hill Asylum as an Attendant on the Insane and as a Mortuary Keeper. His mother was born in Somerset and was living at 12, Victoria Road, Coulsdon when notified of Frederick’s death. In the 1911 census Frederick was a boy cadet on HMS Impregnable in Devonport. Some of the other ships he served on were Berwick, Victory I, Irresistible, Swiftsure, St Vincent and Bulwark. Frederick died when HMS Bulwark blew up mysteriously near Sheerness whilst at anchor. Eyewitnesses said that when the smoke had cleared there was no sign of the ship. The explosion was thought to have been caused by the accidental ignition of ammunition on board. In all, 745 men and 51 officers were killed. Five of the14 who survived died later of their wounds. (Research: Jenny Bowey)

WP_20141018_15_10_26_Pro (3) flip sharpen

Choir leading to Dedication of Church Hall 1936, temporary west end of church on display (narthex added 1964)

St Andrews Water Colours 010 (2)

St. Andrew’s Church Choir c.1950 Organist & Choirmaster: G Mallett

St Andrews Choir Old

c.1963 Rev Ven Robb in the middle, Greg Philp, Organist


St. Andrew’s Church Choirs 1966 to mark Rev. Clifford Davies leaving

St Andrews Water Colours 011 (2)

Choir c. 1966 Ian le Grice on the right

Chichester trip Leas Burnett

Left: Paul Burnett, Behind seat: Sheila & John Lea Choir trip to Chichester Cathedral early 80s?

CCI29102014 (4)

Johnson’s and Leigh-Pollet’s & Bruce Groves at Cathedral Event

CCI29102014 (3)

Sheila & John Lea, Martin & Nancy Jones – Peterborough Cathedral June 1991


St Andrews Choir 002 (3)

John and Sheila Lea – middle row, Ron Anderson, Eddie Norris and Ray Denvil on right

St Andrews Choir 008

c.1993? Christmas by the look of the candles, Rev.Christopher Lunn back left

St Andrews Choir 004 (3)

c. 1996 BBQ with Julian (above Caroline)

St Andrews Choir 004 (2)

Director of Music – John Woodhouse (in T shirt)

St Andrews Choir 009

2006-2008 Generations group

St Andrews Water Colours 013 (4)

Director of Music: John Woodhouse, Organist: Steve Bowey (suit), Rev. Vickie Sims (left), Tony King (right)

St Andrews Choir 002 (4)

Autumn 2005 Induction of Rev. V. Sims


Choir Skills no 63: Processing with candles…

St Andrews Water Colours 012 (4)

2007 – Choir sing Mass at Westminster Cathedral

St Andrews Choir 004 (4)

2006 Nicole & John Linney and David Steer – Bishop’s Awards, Ellie Guage – Dean’s Award

St Andrews Water Colours 013 (2)

Coulsdon 2012-04-29 003 (2)


Coulsdon 2012-04-29 002 (2)

St. Andrew's Church Choir

St. Andrew’s Church Choir

St. Andrew’s History 1882-1905

St. Andrew’s History 1906-1913

St. Andrew’s History 1914-1929

St. Andrew’s History 1930-

St. Andrew’s Church Archives

St. Andrew’s Plans and Descriptions

St. Andrew’s Paintings

St. Andrew’s Photo Gallery

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Rev. Esther Foss – First Sunday – 26 July 2015

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